Refresh boards was born from a dream of two friends

Carlos “Gato (Cat)” and Nuno “Barrela” both bodyboarders for over 20 years


After more than 10 years of experience as a shaper in the Lazer bodyboards factory, with thousands of boards made, Gato finally mix his vast knowledge in the area with the will and ambition of Barrela bodyboarder with great experience and participations in many different national and european championships, as well as trips to the main surfing spots worldwide.

In this way, they realized a common goal: create their own brand and factory, where they could put into practice, the ideas that have been developed by the partnership of years when Barrela was sponsored by Lazer.

That is what gave rise to the Refresh Boards, the only Portuguese bodyboard factory with a personalized service that offers all kinds of support after-sales, where the rider can choose the board that best suits to his physical characteristics, experience and type of waves.