The best core of polyethylene (PE) in the market but less used because of its price. This core is extruded in high-density, but because of the process of extrusion the material is completely water resistant and super light, allowing the rider a board of PE with all advantages of a core in PP.
The block is produced in high density, so has a higher projection in aerial maneuvers as a block in PP, greater durability and ease to keep the rocker flat and the shape longer than in traditional cores in PE.
Others advantages of this core is that it adapts perfectly to all types of waves and water temperatures.


This core was designed by Refresh Boards and produced in partnership with the blanks factory. Thus it is a exclusive Refreh Boards core. It´s built from two types of blocks, where the new core “Back Air Core” that is over provides a perfect flexibility and maximum comfort because it has less density than the core. It is the lightest ever Dual Core, with excellent durability and totally waterprooof.


The Refresh Boards idealized and developed the most innovative core in the market.
3C core is designed in three layers of blocks, offering unique qualities such as comfort and control in waves and more power in the maneuvers, that is a block that meets the most demanding bodyboarder. The top and bottom are more flexible and pliable, allowing the rider comfort and control in power waves and in particular in big drops and aerial maneuvers. The middle part of the block is more rigid to have more consistency, durability, projection and speed. The block perfect for the rider who seeks to understand its limits and still have not found the board to allow it to.


Since the beginning of the bodyboard the materials used in their production are manufactured for other purposes than the bodyboard industry. The materials were used only because were available and not because were perfect. This is about to change.
Refresh Boards presents the market with the first fully developed core for the bodyboard industry. Produced in PP with less density than all the available blocks, providing a board lighter, more flexible and with more memory (ability to maintain the rocker flat).
Each block is individually produced in a mold, designed specifically fo bodyboard. This process allows us to produce various combinations of stringers in the act of production of the core, thus it is possible to produce boards for all types of conditions of waves, water temperature and more importantly more flexibility for greater visibility and control.
Other advantages of this core is that we don´t need to make a hole to enter the stringers as in all traditional PE and PP cores on the market, this allows us to create specific and different stringers combinations that were not possible with other brands of bodyboards.


Core in PP completely waterproof, light and with perfect flexibility, wich provides the rider maximum control of the board and the wave. Most commonly used in warm waters.
Refresh Boards uses the process of sealing called “Buzz-Tech Lamination” for perfect sealing and finishing that allows us to enjoy this perfect core.


New core! The description and features will be available soon.


New core! The description and features will be available soon.


New core! The description and features will be available soon.

DECK (Cello-Cushion)

The deck most used worldwide although the cross-link has appeared subsequently, a large number of riders still prefer this deck, due to its specific characteristics, excellent durability and superior longitudinal memory.


We have two different diameters to be chosen more or less flexibility. The rider has at its disposal the best tubular stringers made of carbon fiber, so the rider can find the necessary flexibility for the best performance.

These have a normal diameter 16 mm and are mostly used by riders who like a stiffer board, for the dropknee riders and riders who frequent warmer waters.

These stringers having a diameter of 12,5 mm, have optimal flexibility to produce boards for kids or girls due to their diameter below the normal stringers. Also much in demand by riders looking for a board with more flexibility.


Refresh Boards presents the “Mesh Tension”. This net when combined with our blocks gives more tension to the block that will provide the rider with more speed on the wave and to attack the lip. The board is also more difficult to fold.